A trauma informed integrative somatic approach to help you heal the root cause of your pain

Are you stuck in chronic pain?

You’ve reached a point where the medication, the physical therapy, the talk therapy doesn’t help, the medical professionals have ruled out red flags, yet the root cause of your pain remains a mystery.

You’ve tried everything but still the pain persists?

You’ve been holding on so tight for so long you don’t know how to let go… but also you fear what you might feel if you did.

You would like to to trust your body again, to feel a sense of EASE, to feel HELD, to feel WHOLE, free from that ‘stuck’ feeling.

Recovery from unexplained chronic symptoms does not depend on finding an external ‘cure’ or on being ‘fixed’ by a third party. You can find freedom from pain. The journey starts within you. 

“We are complicated beings with a body and a mind that are inextricably connected”.

Chronic Pain v Acute Pain

Acute pain is short term. Chronic pain is persistent and may last for years. Read more about the difference here.

When pain becomes chronic, the root cause of the pain is no longer a soft tissue issue, it is a central nervous system issue.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress primes your brain for chronic pain.

Chronic stress is not just caused by lack of work / life balance, it can be due to traumatic life events – current or whilst growing up.

The Pain Cycle

You may start to associate certain movements or activities with pain. This can lead to a downward spiral of fear, pain, limited function and low mood. Fear – of pain, movement, or any other number of ‘threats’ in your environment – will compound other physical and emotional issues and your brain will adapt accordingly. This is called neuroplasticity.

When pain is persistent but no clear medical cause can be found it is not uncommon to feel unheard, dismissed and hopeless. This can result in a subconscious cycle of stress, behavioural patterns, self limiting beliefs and pain.

Why use a Trauma Informed Integrative Somatic Approach?

Importantly, if you only treat symptoms and ignore the underlying causes, it’s like if you just trim the branches of a tree, they will grow back. The symptoms may change but the underlying root cause remains the same. For this reason, I invite you to sensitively and safely explore the less obvious causes of chronic pain; Stress, Trauma and Nervous System Dysregulation.

The key to success

Key to success is recognising that your symptom is a message from your nervous system telling you there is something that needs attending to. This important change in perspective creates a partnership between us; it moves you from being a passive recipient of a therapeutic intervention, to an empowered, self aware, active participant in your own well being.

Treatment Approaches

To help you address the underlying causes of your symptoms from a trauma informed, somatic perspective; I offer Coaching with Emotional Processing and Bodywork options to suit your needs.


I offer the following interchangeable options which can be taken alone or with Somatic Coaching and Emotional Processing. Please contact me to discuss your individual circumstances.

It is important to first seek guidance from your GP for chronic and/or complex issues if your issue has not been diagnosed or investigated.

Myofascial Release

Read more about Myofascial Release

Scar Tissue Therapy

Read more about Scar Tissue Therapy >

Somatic Bodywork

Read more about Somatic Bodywork >

Somatic Coaching and Emotional Processing

Understand and experience the powerful connection between your mind and body

Discover the impact of current and developmental stress on your body and how chronic stress manifests as chronic symptoms

Deepen your emotional and somatic (body) awareness and your connection to your SELF

Grow in capacity to contain uncomfortable sensations and learn to feel ease

Process unresolved emotions and bring about natural completion of incomplete stress responses

Address internal stress caused by self limiting beliefs and learn to feel compassion toward SELF

Feel held and safe while you develop your capacity to regulate your own nervous system

Read more about Coaching, Somatic Therapy & Emotional Processing >

Practice location in Dorset and online

Somatic based Coaching and Emotional Processing are available for you in the comfort of your own home via video call.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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