Freedom Within is a specialised Chronic Pain Clinic, based near Poole in Dorset, offering a Body Mind Approach to facilitate nervous system regulation.

It is founded on the principle that recovery from chronic pain does not depend on finding an external ‘cure’ or on being ‘fixed’ by a third party; each one of us has the innate ability to find freedom from pain and the journey starts within ourselves. 

“We are complicated beings with a body and a mind that are inextricably connected”.

Relief from Unexplained Chronic Pain through a somatic approach, connecting the mind and body, to facilitate nervous system regulation.

Are you suffering with chronic pain? Have you tried lots of treatments but still the pain persists? Does the cause of your pain remain a mystery?

If physical causes have been ruled out and physical therapies haven’t worked, I can help you.

What is pain?

Pain is a signal from the central nervous system indicating that something is wrong.

Pain can actually be helpful; it alerts the brain to take action to protect the body from serious or further injury.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is persistent and may last for years. Chronic pain may not respond to treatments and, in many cases, there is no identifiable physical cause.

Chronic pain may be associated with traumatic scars and fibrosis, adhesions, soft tissue densification and myofascial pain syndrome. By addressing fascial dysfunction and restoring mobility, symptoms will often subside. The subsiding of symptoms may be enough to instill the feeling of safety required to resolve the pain.

Chronic stress and repressed emotion are less obvious causes of chronic pain. Importantly, if you treat only the symptoms and ignore the underlying causes, it’s like if you just trim the branches of a tree, they will grow back.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is short term pain that develops suddenly. It is caused by tissue damage, inflammation, or other disease processes and it tends to be intense before slowly calming. Acute pain can last from a few seconds up to six months.

The key to success

Key to success is recognising that your symptom is a message from your nervous system telling you there is something that needs attending to. This important change in perspective creates a partnership between us; it moves you from being a passive recipient of a therapeutic intervention, to an empowered, self aware, active participant in your own well being.

To help you explore the underlying causes of your chronic pain I offer the Chronic Pain Coaching Programme and a Somatic Therapy called Embodied Processing.

Pain is personal, and so too should be your treatment. Contact me to book a complimentary Enquiry Call for us to talk about how we could work together. I am here to help you find the best approach to support your recovery.

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Chronic Pain Coaching Programme

Understand the basic neuroscience involved in chronic pain.

Develop your capacity to explore your emotions and regulate your nervous system.

Explore your stressors and restore balance, body, mind, heart and soul.

Deepen your somatic and emotional awareness .

Grow in capacity to contain uncomfortable sensations and bring about natural completion and integration.

Read more about the Chronic Pain Coaching Programme >

Treatment Approaches

Myofascial Release

Works with the connective tissue in our body called fascia: Slow gentle pressure on the fascia results in the body releasing and reorganising itself. Addressing the fascial system and supplying the central nervous system with new information (awareness) facilitates change at the deepest level.
Read more about Myofascial Release >

Scar Tissue Therapy

A gentle technique which helps scar tissue to re-integrate into the body: This technique is called ScarWork and it reverse engineers the damaged tissues, restoring function to muscles, nerves, and internal organs.
Read more about Scar Tissue Therapy >

Embodied Processing

For Trauma and Nervous System Dysregulation: Embodied Processing is a form of Somatic Therapy technique used to safely meet and digest unprocessed life experience. We create a safe space to focus on your direct bodily experience and the sensations and emotions that arise.
Read more about Somatic therapy & Embodied Processing >

Therapeutic Massage

Particularly beneficial for stress or tension related pain: Lifestyle factors such as poor posture and sitting at a desk can result in upper back, neck and shoulder pain. In fact, stress of any kind will cause the body to tighten up and this can eventually manifest in the body as pain, illness or dis-ease.
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Practice location in Dorset and online


The Chronic Pain Coaching Programme and Embodied Processing are available for you in the comfort of your own home via video call.

Booking and Questions

Please contact me if you would like to book an appointment or have any questions.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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