Relaxation & Positivity – It takes practice!

I was out walking with my dog this morning, mulling things over in my mind as I tend to do, and I started thinking about new year resolutions now we are on the dawn of February. A lot of people start their new year with a resolution to start a new habit that will make them feel better in one way or another, be in going to the gym or, in my case, saying no to sugary snacks. The first few weeks are easy as we feel motivated and enthusiastic, but it is easy for those feelings to wane as life gets busy and we slip back to “normal”.

So how can we continue to feel better about ourselves all throughout the year? Different people have different views on what makes them feel “better”, for some it is sitting down with a good book and having some “me time” at the end of the day, for others it is attending that weekly class at the gym be it spinning, yoga…the list could go on. What ever it may be for you, I can almost certainly guarantee that the more you practice doing it the more of a habit it will become.

This principle can be applied to almost anything. I see many people on my massage table, they come for many different reasons, but something I find interesting is why some people are deeply relaxed within minutes whilst others stay alert the whole time. What might that be? Massage initiates what is known as the “relaxation response,” a mechanical response that encourages circulation, enhances the delivery of oxygen and lowers blood pressure. Additionally, massage initiates a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, thus creating feelings of relaxation. so why do some people find it harder to relax than others? Here’s the science bit – it come down to neural plasticity. What this means is old neural connections wither when they are not used, and new ones are created, so when you change your thinking habits you literally change the make up of your brain. Some people are just out of practice when it comes to allowing relaxation to take over.

Regular deep relaxation has the potential to alter the functionality of your brain and create positive changes in your mood and outlook. In turn this will equip you to better cope with challenges, improve sleep and boost immunity. You can literally train your brain to feel calmer and therefore more focused and generally more positive!

If you struggle to relax, or simply think you could benefit from some deep relaxation and positive thinking, consider trying a Relaxation & Positivity Massage.

The session entails a half hour massage followed by a half hour of guidance through a process which involves deep relaxation, a focusing of the mind and positive affirmation. The last half hour is a bit like meditation however for many people it can be more effective because you are being guided rather than being let loose in your own mind! It is a form of focus, de stressing and calming which puts you in the perfect state to to absorb positive suggestion. I am currently offering a one hour session at an introductory price.

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