ScarWork for Abdominal Scars

Since training in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, I have been busy working on people’s scars. These pictures show a scar from abdominal surgery 10 years ago before and after just 3 x 30 minutes of ScarWork. The tissue around the scar has softened, the dip of the scar is less pronounced and the lower abdomen is less distended. In this young girl’s own words, she doesn’t feel so much like she has a double tummy. Needless to say we are both very happy with the results so far!

ScarWork treatment is gentle and painless. The practitioner uses a range of gentle massage strokes and compassionate and nurturing touch. In the cases I have worked on, I have seen visible differences in the physical appearance of the scars and improvements in how it feels for the client, in only one session. More than one session is recommended to make the maximum improvement to the scar and underlying tissues.

ScarWork for abdominal scar – before and after 3×30 minute sessions

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