Adverse Childhood Experiences affect the developing brain and body which impacts health across a lifetime

In the first seven years of our lives the plethora of neural connections we are born with get trimmed back as we learn how to exist in the world. Those neural pathways deemed unnecessary are trimmed and the pathways we are left with get carried through to adulthood. This is fine except if, as a child, you learned the world is unsafe, or any other number of limiting beliefs about yourself or the world.

As a child, connection with your caregiver was the no.1 priority because that meant survival. If you’ve read my previous posts you will know the brain isn’t concerned with wellbeing only survival.

Fast forward to adulthood, our nervous system still feels safest with what it knows, even if ‘it’ no longer serves us. Anything else, to the nervous system, feels dangerous, and as we know, danger, whether it’s real or perceived, conscious or subconscious, sets off the alarm. The problem is, what we ‘know’ also begins to set off the alarm. All those stress inducing beliefs and behaviours, repressed emotions bubbling away under the surface, all of which the nervous system detects as ‘danger!’. The result? Physical and emotional pain.

Are you open to the possibility your pain has a stress / emotional connection? I can help.

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