Some lovely feedback from this lady following her first ScarWork treatment following abdominoplasty surgery to correct a diastasis recti.

She is signed up to my six session treatment plan and I’m so excited to be working with her and seeing

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Fear fuels pain

Back in 2019 I had an unfortunate run in with a medicine ball in the gym, it fell from a shelf whilst I was crouching down to reach for something and it landed on my head. It was a nasty

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Are you a Perfectionist?

Our society puts great value on grades, scores, academic achievement, competition and comparison. It is a very left brained approach that can leave us in fear of making a mistake.

Mistakes are actually a good thing. They are necessary and

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“Stress makes it worse”

Q “What, if anything, makes the (chronic) pain worse?”

A “Stress”

I hear this in clinic A LOT

So if stress makes it worse it follows that feeling unstressed (calm, joy and any number of other associated states) makes it

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Mindfulness is a technique you can learn to help you deal with stressors and triggers in a more effective way. If you practice mindfulness regularly it becomes more than just a technique, it becomes a way of life.

Clinical trials

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