In a Regulated Nervous System, Stress and Pain keep you safe

Pain is a tool your subconscious mind uses to protect you from danger. Your response (moving away from the dangerous thing or holding an injured body part) stops you from getting hurt / more hurt. So your subconscious is just trying to keep you safe, that’s great right? Yes of course, but not when there is no danger! – as can be the case with chronic pain. You can’t always control the things that cause you stress (aka the danger) but you can learn to respond differently and this makes everything so much easier to deal with. If you’d like …

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Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

December is here (how did that happen?!) which means its time to take out those matching Christmas pyjama sets and set about gathering holly for making our own Christmas wreaths … well for some anyway … For others, however much we might enjoy this festive period, there’s no getting away from the fact it brings with it a whole lot of stress, and with stress comes a whole lot of physical symptoms; cue pain, anxiety etc etc… This 8 day Mindfulness Series has been a labour of love and I thought what better time to launch it than now. Each …

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Some lovely feedback from this lady following her first ScarWork treatment following abdominoplasty surgery to correct a diastasis recti. She is signed up to my six session treatment plan and I’m so excited to be working with her and seeing her start to feel more at home in her body. “I was very impressed with my first treatment. Natasha was very welcoming and the treatment itself was wonderful. Having experienced discomfort over my abdomen following abdominoplasty it was great to work on freeing up some of the tension. I felt very relaxed during and after the treatment and look forward …

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SIRPA Coaching review

I’m always so grateful to receive feedback. This review was given by one of my coaching clients recently. We have been doing our sessions via video call. ”Natasha uses her gentle manner, encouraging me to calm my nervous system with breathing exercises and different techniques – walking me through with the utmost patience! This approach has been really helpful and gives me a better feeling of control”.

Fear fuels pain

Back in 2019 I had an unfortunate run in with a medicine ball in the gym, it fell from a shelf whilst I was crouching down to reach for something and it landed on my head. It was a nasty experience, I was concussed and I went on to suffer from post concussion syndrome. The reason I’m sharing this is I wish I had known then what I know now, how fear fuels pain. In 2020 I came across the work of Dr John Sarno MD and the work of Georgie Oldfield and SIRPA UK (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association). …

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Are you a Perfectionist?

Our society puts great value on grades, scores, academic achievement, competition and comparison. It is a very left brained approach that can leave us in fear of making a mistake. Mistakes are actually a good thing. They are necessary and unavoidable. Failure is merely feedback, without it we would never learn anything or be able to go forward, but we are rarely taught to look at failure in this way. When we give up on the idea of perfection we can accept (and stop beating ourselves up for the fact) that we are all perfectly imperfect. You can own it …

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Stress make it worse

“Stress makes it worse”

Q: “What, if anything, makes the (chronic) pain worse?” A: “Stress” I hear this in clinic A LOT So if stress makes it worse it follows that feeling unstressed (calm, joy and any number of other associated states) makes it better right? Maybe not 100% better, maybe just slightly better, but better non the less. We can’t spend our lives avoiding stress but we can start recognising this important mind / body connection and we can start to seek out more of the things that make us feel calm, joy, nurtured, safe … I don’t mean quick fix dopamine hits, …

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Interview with SIRPA Practitioner, Carole Randell – The Mind Body Approach to Chronic Pain

Watch this fabulous interview with SIRPA practitioner, Carole Randell, for an insight into the SIRPA approach to chronic pain recovery.  Carole talks about how she overcame chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia using a mind body approach and how this inspired her to help others become more self-empowered and more able to improve their own health and wellbeing. SIRPA provides a cutting edge approach to chronic pain, as well as other persistent symptoms, and is aimed at those for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer. If you would like further information see my Neuro Health Coaching page or feel …

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ScarWork for cancer survivors experiencing adverse effects of surgery and/or radiotherapy

Research papers are few and far between in the world of complimentary therapy which is why it is exciting to see this paper has been published: An evaluation of a ScarWork service for cancer survivors experiencing adverse effects of surgery and/or radiotherapy. A National Health Service (NHS) cancer centre offered eight fortnightly ScarWork treatments to cancer patients who had undergone surgery (and/or radiotherapy) for breast, colorectal, gynaecological, head and neck cancers or melanoma. Nineteen patients, with scars from 0.5 to 17 years old, received an average of eight ScarWork treatments over 4 months. They showed significant improvement in symptoms which …

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