Coaching Programme for Chronic Pain

including Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

Neuroscience explains how stress can fuel persistent pain. If the stress / pain cycle continues, the brain and central nervous system can become wired to make the body feel continuous pain, often in the complete absence of any structural or tissue damage. This is Neuroplastic pain.

This helpful visual shows the cycle of stress and pain.

Tap on the picture to see a larger view.

This helpful visual shows the cycle of stress and pain.

The Coaching Programme for Chronic Pain can help you break this cycle and achieve freedom from pain.

In very simple terms, the purpose of pain is to protect you from danger. 

However, for every single one of us, our perception is our reality. When your nervous system perceives something in your environment (or in your subconsiousness) to be a threat, this causes the brain to signal an alarm. Often there is no actual threat, so the alarm is false one, but the effects are the same.

Learn how to switch off the false alarm using effective scientifically proven tools. 

The Programme

Chronic Pain Relief in Dorset

The Coaching Programme is an educational, evidence based and self empowering approach which will help you make sense of your pain and feel at home in your body.

A Mind Body Approach

Many people find themselves going round in circles, focusing on physical health and trying different physical therapies, only for the pain to return. The reason physical therapy alone doesn’t work long term for chronic pain, is because the PHYSICAL component only represents one part of the whole picture.

You are a complex being, you’re not just a body; you have a mind, a heart and a soul; where chronic pain is concerned, this can’t be overlooked. 

The Coaching Programme will help you see your pain as a mechanism initiated by your nervous system to guide you back into balance and safety – as opposed to a pathology to be diagnosed or fixed. It will help you navigate the landscape of well being and help you heal; Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

Who is the Coaching Programme for?

  • Your symptoms have lasted longer than 6 months
  • Medical investigations have failed to find a physical cause for your pain
  • You may have had surgery but the pain has come back
  • You may have tried numerous physical therapies but your pain persists
  • You’ve tried to manage the symptoms but without success

Chronic physical pain often goes hand in hand with emotional suffering. If you suffer with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, guilt, sadness, worry, fear, addictive behaviours,  to name a number of ways emotional suffering manifests, this approach will help you get to the root cause.

Embodied Processing is included as part of the Coaching Programme for Chronic Pain . Embodied Processing is a Somatic Therapy which will help you identify emotions and imprints of stress and trauma in your body which may be causing physical symptoms. Embodied Processing can also be used as a stand alone approach.

Read more about Embodied Processing here.

Your Commitment

Your pain and the underlying cause is, like you, unique. This is why the Programme is designed as a road map, not a prescription. You will commit to a course of 6 x 75 minute sessions and, together, we will explore the areas most relevant to you.

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Recommended resources

If you are interested to know more about the Mind Body approach to chronic pain, I recommend the following resources:

SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association)

Natasha is a Certified SIRPA Practitioner.

SIRPA provides an evidence based, trauma informed approach to chronic pain as well as other persistent symptoms, in order to help people regain their lives. Our aim is to help people who suffer from persistent pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer.


Understanding Pain
The Information Leaflet on the SIRPA website explains how pain caused by tissue damage tends to be short term pain; whereas pain produced by the brain (conveyed via neural pathways between the brain and the body) can end up not switching off by itself. By retraining the brain and nervous system and creating the right conditions internally, pain can be resolved.

SIRPA offer an online chronic pain recovery programme
You can do module 1 for free which may help so you can be sure this approach is for you.

This infographic contains some interesting statistics with references on the problem of solely looking for structural causes for chronic pain

‘Why things hurt?’ TEDx Talk

Watch this entertaining Ted-X talk by Lorimer Mosely.

Do we actually experience pain, or is it merely illusion? In this video, Lorimer Moseley explores these questions, and position the pain that we feel as our bodies’ way of protecting us from damaging tissues further. He also looks at what this might mean for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Bespoke 8 day series

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain 

Clinical trials have shown that mindfulness meditation can be as effective as prescription painkillers, and can enhance the body’s natural healing systems. 

This bespoke series will introduce you to concepts which will help you to live a life with more awareness and ease and with less resistance and pain. 

The Mindfulness series consists of eight tracks of approximately 15 minutes.  Each track will be emailed to you each day for  eight days. You can download the tracks and listen to them as many times as you like.

You will receive the series as part of the Coaching Programme.

If you don’t feel ready to embark on the Programme, you can purchase this Mindfulness series now for just £20.

Each track is the price of a cup of coffee!

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