Corona Virus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy

The Government has confirmed that Massage and Physical Therapy businesses can return to work as of 13 July 2020. 

My priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible so, as a ‘close contact service’ I will need to adhere to some very strict guidelines to ensure I provide the safest environment possible.

Inevitably there will be changes to my working practice involving masks, contactless forms and payments to name a few things. I would be grateful you would read through the changes, as set out in this document, before you attend your next appointment.


If I feel ill or have symptoms of C0VlD-19, or if any of my household are ill or have symptoms, I will self-isolate immediately. This will mean I have to cancel your appointment. I appreciate that this may be inconvenient, but it is done entirely for your own safety. If your appointment is cancelled, I will re-book you again as soon as possible.

If you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display any symptoms of COVlD-19 please advise me as soon as possible and CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT. You will not be charged for cancelled appointments due to illness so if in doubt please cancel.

Booking Appointments / Payments

As from today, I will be asking all of my clients to complete a new online consultation and consent form, and a COVID-19 pre screening form. I will send you a link to these forms by email.

For all clients paying by card, I will send a payment link by email or text message the day before your appointment. Payment will be due before your appointment. For all clients who prefer to pay cash, I will be asking you to put the money into an envelope. 

Attending your Appointment

Before each appointment I will contact you to check you have had no COVID-19 symptoms.

Please attend at your appointment time. I will be leaving extra time between all appointments for extra cleaning so please do not arrive early. Please leave coats / bags in your car if possible (out of sight in boot). Please come alone to your appointment, whenever possible (unless under 18).

I will sanitise the door bell after every client so please feel free to use this. You will be warmly welcomed when you arrive, but I will not be shaking hands with you. I will open any doors for you, so you do not need to touch anything. I will have hand sanitiser available for you to use when you arrive and when you leave. I will not be able to offer you any drinks so please bring your own if you need to. The toilet can be used if you need to but please try to use facilities at home before you leave. 

I have done a deep clean of my therapy room prior to re-opening. I will increase the frequency of cleaning, including making sure that the couch, chair and wax pots and bottles are disinfected between each client and the floor is wiped clean using disinfectant at least once a day. The couch will not have the usual material cover on it, there is now a PVC cover with fresh tissue to lie on. I will continue to use disposable sheets and a clean fleece blanket to cover you. 

I will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when you arrive and during your treatment. This will include a mask, visor and gloves. Please wear a face mask / covering if you have one, otherwise I can provide one for a £1 surcharge. 

I can confirm that the laundering of sheets, fleece blankets and my work clothing is a priority and I can assure you that all laundry is washed at 60 degrees C. 

After your appointment, I will show you out and open any doors for you, so you do not need to touch anything.


I have carried out a risk assessment and I am confident that I can continue to provide treatments safely. However, treatment around the face and intra oral work cannot be provided at present due to high risk and Government advice. This is subject to change and I will advise when this is possible. If you have any concerns about your treatment, please let me know.

Thank you all for your patience and support!

Best wishes,


Freedom Within; Myofascial Release, Remedial Massage & Scar Tissue Therapy

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