Develop your felt sense of safety with Emotional Processing

When dealing with the brain you have a left and a right side – rational and emotional. When the alarm bell of the emotional brain goes off to signal you are in danger, no amount of insight or reason will silence it. The reason for this is our survival drive is stronger than our personal sense of willpower. 

It’s not enough for your rational brain to tell you you’re safe, you need to FEEL safe. Hence the importance of developing a felt sense of safety. This is an important foundation of Emotional Processing.

Life experiences which involve emotional distress, survival stress and / or trauma are often stored as unprocessed constricted energy in our body. This is usually because at the time it didn’t feel safe, consciously or subconsciously, to process the feelings related to those experiences.

Emotional Processing is a technique used to safely meet and digest unprocessed life experience. We will create a safe space to focus on your direct bodily experience and learn to be with the sensations and emotions that arise. 

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