Emotions and Chronic Pain

You might be someone who describes excruciating pain in your lower back so much so that you are frightened to bend, reach and twist despite all of your scans and x-rays being clear; it might feel so bad that it stops you sleeping; on top of that the pain might be affecting your work and causing stress.

You might wonder if it’s fascial dysfunction because this does not show up on traditional scans and x-rays.

You might wonder if you have internal scar tissue that can be resolved by treating the adhesive areas to rehydrate the tissue.

You might wonder if your body is lacking biotensegrity and whether manual and movement approaches might help you regain function.

You might be right and these things are worth careful assessment and investigation.

However have you also considered that the pain may not be a tissue issue at all? What if emotional factors are present?

Myofascial Release provides a gateway via the body for emotional factors to be addressed and resolved – and this may well resolve the pain.

Because we are complicated beings with a mind and a body that are inextricably connected.

credit to Myofascial Release UK (MFR UK)

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