Massage in Dorset

Massage therapy is the manipulation of superficial and deep layers of muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue using various techniques.  These techniques may include gentle or firm pressure in order to promote well-being, recovery and healing of injuries, pain relief, and enhanced function.


Deep tissue massage is primarily used to address a specific complaint and focuses on the underlying muscle layers, fascia and connective tissue.

In the days following a deep tissue massage, it is not uncommon for the client to feel increased muscle soreness.  Always remember to drink plenty of water following the massage, and to follow through with any self-care recommendations provided (stretches/exercises, ice, heat, etc.)

Trigger points can cause, pain which may be local or referred, decreased range of motion, stiffness, discomfort and are associated with many musculoskeletal disorders. Treatment of trigger points can be carried out in a variety of ways.  Applying sustained compression to the trigger point and waiting for a release is the most common approach. Finding and working over trigger points can be uncomfortable but, once released, pain subsides and oxygen and nutrients circulate improving the tone and activity of the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage combined with Trigger Point Therapy can address the symptoms of a wide range of problems harboured within the soft tissue of the body. These techniques, together with Muscle Energy Techniques and Soft Tissue Release,  are valuable tools and, whilst these techniques are techniques in their own right, they lend themselves to being adapted, blended and enhanced with the skilled touch of Myofascial Release. By integrating these with advanced fascial techniques I can offer bespoke treatments for the care of both acute and chronic pain.

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