Mindful Movement and Chronic Pain

How do you feel when you move your body?

Maybe you’ve started a new year workout regime, maybe you garden, walk, swim or any number of other things to get your body moving. But it’s not what you do I’d like to talk about, it’s how you do it.

Movement nourishes us, not only by stretching, strengthening and toning but it’s also an opportunity to check in with ourselves and improve our emotional wellbeing.

When we move and adjust the postures in which we hold our bodies we directly influence our nervous system; this in turn directly influences reactions like our heart rate, blood pressure and our fight or flight response.

You can bring mindfulness to your movement whatever it is you do; it’s just about paying attention to the present moment. If distracting thoughts arise, guide your attention back to your body and its motion; maybe notice the point when your hand enters the water while you swim, the contact of your feet on the ground as you walk or run, the up and down of the barbell as you lift a weight or, something that is always available to you, your breath. This is a great way to access a mindfulness practice if you don’t like sitting still!

One big aspect of mindfulness is acceptance, not wishing the present moment to be different from what it is. So, most importantly, do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do, don’t wish time away or compare yourself to others, remember why you decided to do it in the first place and be playful ✨

I talk about mindful movement in track 4 of my 8 day Mindfulness Series for Chronic Pain.
Listen to 8 Tracks over 8 days

Link to the series here:



If you’re still struggling to move with ease I can help. Myofascial release therapy is a manual hands on therapy which makes a real difference to the lives of those who suffer with pain. By influencing fascia we influence the entire nervous system. MFR uses a gentle approach which promotes a sense of tissue and body relaxation reducing tension, pain and associated anxiety. I’m happy to chat if you’d like more information.

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