ScarWork for cancer survivors experiencing adverse effects of surgery and/or radiotherapy

Research papers are few and far between in the world of complimentary therapy which is why it is exciting to see this paper has been published: An evaluation of a ScarWork service for cancer survivors experiencing adverse effects of surgery and/or radiotherapy.

A National Health Service (NHS) cancer centre offered eight fortnightly ScarWork treatments to cancer patients who had undergone surgery (and/or radiotherapy) for breast, colorectal, gynaecological, head and neck cancers or melanoma.

Nineteen patients, with scars from 0.5 to 17 years old, received an average of eight ScarWork treatments over 4 months. They showed significant improvement in symptoms which included itching, frequent discomfort, and numbness. The reported benefits include improved appearance, texture, mobility, wellbeing and acceptance of the scars, enhanced daily life, reduced stiffness and increased hope, positivity, and motivation.

This treatment should be offered to everyone who has had invasive surgery – it’s beneficial beyond body and mind and part of the healing process post cancer surgery”. (MACT-11, colorectal cancer, female)

I encourage anyone who has been adversely effected by a scar / scars following surgery and/or radiotherapy to receive ScarWork which is beneficial no matter how new or old the scar. I offer a ScarWork treatment plan which includes six sessions for £300. Please contact me to discuss how ScarWork could benefit you or a loved one.

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