Self Care isn’t Selfish

Self care isn’t selfish

Say it out loud. Does it feel true?

Behaviours mirror feelings

I’ve spent years working on this. I’m actually very good at self care, I prioritise it to the point one could say (my husband does say!) I guard it like my life depends on it, it’s non negotiable, because actually, at a deep level, my life does depend on it, I know what I need be the best version of myself, to thrive, and my drive to thrive is strong.

Still, this doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

I still have that tiny judgy voice inside saying ‘Oh look, Tash is doing what Tash does best again’, shirking her responsibilities, not meeting the expectations of other people, not doing enough, not being good enough.

The thing to know is, those beliefs and expectations, if they’re even real in the first place, where do they come from? Conditioning!! My conditioning. The conditioning of the people around me. And so the cycle goes.

By acknowledging my limiting beliefs, exploring them, really seeing and hearing that part of me that whispers ‘you’re not doing enough’, feeling compassion for that younger me who felt judged, trusting myself to know my own needs, what I need, at a very deep nervous system level, to feel safe, mustering the courage to be vulnerable, a perfectly imperfect human with weaknesses and the strength to say so. Sometimes I need to be alone, sometimes I need to go back to bed, I’m ok with that and if anyone else isn’t, that’s theirs to explore.

Does this resonate? Reach out and let’s explore together.

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