Self Limiting Beliefs and Pain

I’ve been doing this work for a long time, helping people in pain, with fascia informed bodywork and more recently, trauma informed coaching and emotional processing.

It is very apparent that stress makes pain worse.

There are lots of reasons for this which I won’t go into here, but the more I learn, through working with clients, doing courses and doing my own uncomfortable work of unravelling the layers of myself, I’m seeing so much pain and stress caused, not necessarily caused by lack of work / life balance, what I’m seeing is chronic internal stress caused by our own self limiting beliefs … conditioned beliefs about how we should look, behave, who and what we are (I have to put everyone else first, I am not worthy, I am not good enough, I fear conflict, I fear judgement, I fear failure, I need wine / food / (x) to face my fear, I need to struggle, I need to prove myself, my value is based on how I look / external validation, I always struggle with my weight / money / relationships, I’m better off alone, I’m ashamed of my body, I’m always ill, my body always lets me down … I could go on).

This is uncomfortable stuff. Much easier to smile and carry on. Keep it all safely stuffed down. All that internal stress can’t be affecting you right?

There’s another way. Learn to feel safe to turn towards the discomfort, see it for what it is, whatever it is it’s not an ugly, unacceptable part of you, it’s a vulnerable part with an unmet need, let’s get curious, let’s get compassionate, let’s remove the emotional charge so you can be more YOU – the you that you were before you took the burden of the belief. Become more comfortable with your SELF. More authenticity, less resistance and pain. Food for thought? Let’s chat.

Self Limiting Beliefs and Pain

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