Shifting the focus on Chronic Pain

When pain persists, it can become all consuming.

Chronic pain conditions often present, not just as one symptom, but as a group of symptoms that have a global impact on the entire body.

That’s why, for chronic pain, the approach needs to be different.

One of the fundamentals of Myofascial Release is we address the symptoms but look elsewhere for the cause.

The symptoms are the alarm bells and we can quieten them down easily enough, what we need to spend more time nurturing is your nervous system. That’s where the magic lies.

Whether I’m using Myofascial Release or coaching, mindfulness plays a key part; By growing your awareness of how you feel in your body (your felt sense) and unpacking the resistance and underlying tension, you can find your flow and ease – or even alleviate – your pain.

My 8 day Mindfulness for chronic pain series is designed to introduce you to some concepts which you can integrate into every day life outside of the therapy room, empowering you to be the best version of yourself every single day.

In Track 5 I talk about finding pleasure in little things.

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