Somatic Therapy – Somatic Bodywork in Dorset

Think how you might describe how it feels to walk barefoot in the sand to someone who has never been to the beach. You could try your best but until that person actually walks barefoot in the sand it is impossible to fully appreciate. It is the same with describing how something feels, there will always remain aspects of an experience that words can’t describe.

Somatic Bodywork can help you to connect with your felt sense – the physical experience of being you, in your own body – otherwise known as Somatic Awareness. 

Many people have very little somatic awareness. It’s only when the pain alarm sounds, making something ache or hurt, they become aware e.g of tightness across the shoulders, tension in the lower back or the knot of anxiety in the belly.

The problem is by the time the pain alarm sounds (cue physical symptoms) the nervous system has gone into survival mode. Typically, we respond by resisting or distracting ourselves from the pain / the discomfort.  The result? We become even more disconnected from our bodies! Somatic Bodywork can help you re connect.

Stress, tension and holding patterns in the body influence how we interact with the world. This affects our relationships – with ourselves and with others. Wherever you go, your body goes with you and has a direct influence on how you show up.

By bringing awareness to sensation, allowing and being as present, open and connected with it as possible, we can start to open ourselves up to our deeper layers, process the origins of pain, turn off the alarm and feel more spacious.

Somatic Bodywork is a combination of somatic coaching, therapeutic touch and muscle tension awareness techniques to assist you to notice how you are inhabiting your body. Sometimes we think that we are relaxed but, when guided to really notice the tension in the body, we notice that we are not relaxed at all.

This approach to bodywork is gentle. You will be guided to notice your breath and your body. Using the appropriate level of touch for each individual, I intuitively sense what pressure to use and when and where to touch, using Myofascial Release techniques to locate and release tension and holding patterns. I also use gentle, affirming words at key moments to help you return to your body, or to safety, as appropriate. I may also ask for feedback along the way to facilitate your experience.

Somatic Bodywork can be taken as a stand alone therapy or be alternated with Somatic Coaching and Embodied Processing.

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