Testimonials for Natasha Alan-Williams

“I feel lighter, like I’ve just taken off a big rucksack!”

– Integrated Myofascial Therapy

“I feel more me!”

-Coaching with Emotional Processing

“I feel held”

-Coaching with Emotional Processing

“My heart feels lighter, more spacious”

-Coaching with Emotional Processing

“Thank you Natasha you explained everything perfectly and the treatment has really helped me understand the pain I was having. I am now able to move freely and the tips you gave me are working well. I know where to come if I need to again”.

Fascia informed Bodywork

“The day after my mastectomy and DIEP flap surgery I contacted Natasha at Freedom Within. My scaring was huge and I knew I needed help to obtain the best possible outcome. Natasha used massage techniques to help soften the fatty tissue and reduce the scar tissue. I noticed a difference from my first session. I have now finished six sessions and the difference is amazing. Natasha is a kind, gentle and sympathetic lady who allowed me to keep my dignity. I have gone on to recommend her to other cancer patients going through the same ordeal. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Without her, I would not feel as confident in my body as I do”.

– Scarwork / Fascia Informed Bodywork

“I first went to see Natasha 2 years ago following some major surgery, she has helped release my scar tissue and this has given me so much more mobility. Natasha puts you at ease amd its my favourite hour of the week. Highly recommended”

– Scarwork / Fascia Informed Bodywork

“I found Freedom Within online over 2 years ago now following my Breast Cancer treatment. My sessions started as specific scar work to ease the scar tissue after my surgery. Now I continue once every 5-6 weeks for a lymphatic massage, but also for my well-being!! I will continue as I look forward to my sessions every time.”

– Scarwork / Fascia Informed Bodywork

“I don’t feel like my body is my enemy any more”

Somatic Bodywork

“A few words… not that it can always convey what is felt.
Being in Natasha’s presence is a true gift. You can feel her knowledge, skill, kindness and understanding pour through her heart and hands as she works. She is an outstanding and truly talented therapist”.

Somatic Bodywork

“I had breast surgery & reconstruction Dec 2020 which left me with very lumpy scar tissue.

Lymph node removal surgery Jan 21 which left me with cording and scars.

My sessions with Natasha have been invaluable. They started as scar work sessions with massage to now maintaining my body and mind to where it should be. My lymphatic system is kick started and the tension & fluid massaged from areas where it builds up. I cannot imagine not having my sessions with Natasha it has not only changed my life on how I feel but my confidence too”

– Scar Tissue Therapy / Fascia Informed Bodywork

” I reached out initially to try to help manage the physical manifestations of stress associated with PTSD.

I found the approach [ ] had a very calming effect on my stress and I could feel my body moving from stress into rest and recovery. This effect was with me for the remainder of the day, with the drive back home

I also appreciated your explanations and questions about what was happening with my stress before, and after the sessions, which also helped me to ‘think’ outside of the stressed states I was experiencing in between sessions”

– Somatic Bodywork

“Really like Natasha’s approach combining Hands on MFR sessions with SIRPA pain recovery program. She has been professional through out and incredibly supportive offering real hope in what has been a very difficult time for me. I have found the Embodied Processing Natasha offers particularly powerful for resolving past traumas”

– Coaching with Bodywork and Emotional Processing

“I went to Natasha with chronic leg pain and I immediately felt safe and cared for. Natasha is skilled and experienced in body and mind approaches and her massages helped soothe and ease the pain. I felt full confidence also that it was a team effort to find some healing. The healing journey continues and I am grateful to Natasha for her skill and insights”. 

– Integrated Myofascial Therapy

“The area feels softer and I have worked on moving and breathing more, I feel more confident to try more, I even wore trousers today for the first time since surgery”

– ScarWork following Abdominoplasty

“Thank you so much for yesterday,  I don’t know if it’s in my head but my tummy seems to feel better already, can’t wait for the next one”.

– ScarWork following DIEP flap reconstruction surgery

“My back always feels so much better after seeing you and I always feel so relaxed after”

– Integrated Myofascial Therapy

“The treatments are AMAZING. I leave your house feeling pain free, supple, energised and ready to take on the world! I know that coming to you for treatments enhances my life and means that I can enjoy the freedom of movement that is so important to me”. 

– Integrated Myofascial Therapy

“As always I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment with you. Your knowledge, professionalism and safety standards are exemplary. I feel reassured that you take every measure to keep your clients Covid safe and I never feel at risk at any time”. 

– Integrated Myofascial Therapy

“I find it really helps to keep me grounded and present.”

– Integrated Myofascial Therapy
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