The Felt Sense

I had an interesting experience this week!

I spent most of last weekend inside doing a course, so I’d cleared some time on Monday because I knew I’d need to move my body and get outside. I felt like getting out for a run and I felt like taking a different route that was a bit longer than usual, so I headed out towards Upton Country Park for those that know it. There’s a path there that runs around the edge of Holes Bay which is a beautiful nature reserve full of water, mud, reeds and birds.

Being a laid back jogger I stopped to admire the view of the bay and guess what I spotted – a man – sat out in the muddy nature reserve – it was very unusual, I doubted myself and thought my eyes must be deceiving me – was it a heron?! – no it was definitely a man – my next thought was there must surely be some reasonable explanation why he was there – was he doing some sort of cold exposure Wim Hoff thing?! – nope I thought, he was definitely stuck out in the mud – I needed to raise the alarm – so I found a dog walker with a phone and called the coastguard. A short while later the RNLI, ambulance, fire brigade and air ambulance were on the scene and the man was rescued. Top marks to the emergency services!

Following on from this, I’ve had a lot of conversations this week about intuition. Whether you think if it as your “gut feelings”, your “instinct”, “serendipity”, we all have this internal felt sense but often we don’t consciously listen to it instead we trust what appears to be rational in our often irrational mind (like I managed to convince myself for a moment that the man was a heron!)

Intuition is subconscious, it’s something you FEEL in your body, it’s not something you “think” about, it might be a sick feeling in your stomach, a tingling at the back of your neck or a heaviness in your chest that tells you something isn’t right, as opposed to a lightness in your heart that tells you all is well. Being curious, noticing and listening to the internal felt sense is easy for some and very difficult for others because everyone’s experience is different. I’m just glad I was listening to mine on Monday!

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