Thoughts, Emotions and Chronic Pain

  1. Thoughts
  2. Emotions
  3. Sensations

… most people are comfortable with the concept of thoughts, we all have them and, to varying extents people are happy to share them (sometimes too often!)

However, when it comes to FEELING, ie emotions and sensations, things tend to be less clear.

Emotions begin in the body. Anxiety is an emotion which can show up as a sensation like tightness in the chest, tightness in the stomach, heart palpitations and so on. These sensations drive our thoughts and our emotions; we end up over thinking, we worry, we feel frustrated, we get more anxious and we might try to avoid or numb the feelings using food, alcohol etc

Anxiety is just one example of an emotion but it is a common one which often steps in to protect us from having to deal with other emotions which more difficult or uncomfortable to feel or express (like anger, jealousy, hurt, disappointment, embarrassment, sadness … )

By starting to notice how we feel in our bodies / our physical sensations, without judging or trying to change it, and without resisting or avoiding it; instead by noticing with compassion and curiosity and acceptance; we can more easily notice the interrelationship between our physical experience, our thoughts and our emotions and we start to become a much more empowered version of ourselves.

When you allow your experience to be what it is, it loses its power over your sense of wellbeing.

I talk about our relationship with our thoughts and emotions in track 3 of my 8 day Mindfulness for Chronic Pain series.

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