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With all of my therapy approaches, the goal is to supply your central nervous system with new information that facilitates change. Deepen your connection with your body and your Self at your own pace. Safety and Grounding is foundational to all options and Somatic Awareness is the goal.

It is important to first seek guidance from your GP for chronic and/or complex issues if your issue has not been diagnosed or investigated.

Therapy Approaches for Chronic Pain in Dorset

Somatic based Coaching

Resolve persistent symptoms by addressing the relationship between the body and the mind

Discover the impact of current and developmental stress on the body and how stress manifests as chronic symptoms

Explore your stressors and restore balance, body, mind, heart and soul

Deepen your somatic and emotional awareness

Develop your capacity to regulate your own nervous system

Grow in capacity to contain uncomfortable sensations

Process unresolved emotions and bring about natural completion of incomplete stress responses

Resolve internal stress caused by self limiting beliefs by discovering and healing the root cause with somatic time line awareness

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Somatic based Bodywork

The intention of Somatic based Bodywork is to help you to connect with your ‘felt sense’ – the physical experience of being you, in your own body – otherwise known as Somatic Awareness. 

Safety and Grounding is foundational and Somatic Awareness is the goal.

Gentle hands on therapy as an introduction to or to deepen Somatic Awarenessis a wonderful approach if you wish to experience hands on therapy either as an introduction to or to deepen your Somatic Awareness.

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Emotional Processing

The intention of Emotional Processing is to help you bring about natural completion of incomplete stress responses in your body (the threat) which may be causing physical symptoms (the alarm)

Emotional Processing will introduce you to or deepen your Somatic Awareness whilst additionally providing space to explore and deepen Emotional Awareness, facilitating you to integrate and process the energy of ‘stuck’ or unresolved stress / trauma in the body.

With compassionate enquiry and visualisation we create a safe space to focus on your direct bodily experience and the sensations and emotions that arise.

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Scar Tissue Therapy

Light and gentle techniques to re integrate scar tissue into the three dimensional fascial web. Using Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork techniques and Myofascial Release 

Scarwork therapy addresses the underlying layers of the scar, stimulating the fascia and any adhesions. Treatment helps to mobilise and soften thicker tissue in scars from surgeries or accidents. Usually the scar will feel softer, smoother and looser after treatment. .

Usually clients notice changes incrementally each session. Your body is constantly renewing cells so even old scar tissue will respond to Scarwork Therapy.

Although I specialise in helping with recovery post breast cancer surgery, I am happy to help with any scar that may be causing you issues.

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Myofascial Release

Fascia Informed therapeutic touch can have powerful effects, it can help build and restore body (somatic) awareness resulting in a better regulated nervous system.

Myofascial release techniques address the entirety of the fascial system by gently engaging with restrictions in such a way that your body does not have to protect itself. We then “nudge into” or “lengthen at” the barrier of resistance surrounding a restriction in the fascial “web.” Over time, as we maintain a steady, aware pressure, the restriction will begin to melt, rehydrate, and become mobile again. This is very different from the typical bodywork approach and experience of rubbing, stretching, and pinning. We are able to reach deeply into your body through the fascial web.

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