Fascia Informed Massage in Dorset

and Soft Tissue Therapy for support with Disability and Neurological Conditions.

Massage Therapy can be a valuable part of a holistic approach to well being. Safe therapeutic touch can be powerful for chronic pain and other stress and trauma related somatic symptoms. Fascia informed massage can help rebuild and restore inner awareness (interoception), reduce stress and pain and result in a better psychological/mental state.

“Fascia may play an important role in the perception and internal representation of our own bodies”.
Robert Shleip, Massage and Bodywork, 2022

Fascia informed massage therapy is particularly beneficial for stress related pain. Stress of any kind will cause the body to tighten up and this can eventually manifest in the body as pain, illness or dis ease.

Examples of patients who benefit from massage therapy include:

  • Neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Low back and sciatic pain
  • Stress or tension related pain
  • Post surgery to assist healing
  • Headaches / migraine

Myofascial Trigger points

Trigger points can cause pain, which may be local or referred, decreased range of motion, stiffness and discomfort. Treatment of trigger points can be carried out in a variety of ways.  Applying sustained compression to the trigger point and waiting for a release is the most common approach. Finding and working over trigger points can be uncomfortable but, once released, pain subsides and oxygen and nutrients circulate improving the tone and activity of the muscles and surrounding tissues.

Soft Tissue Therapy for support with Disability and Neurological Conditions

Massage and Myofacial Therapy Dorset
A neurological condition is a problem associated with the central nervous system, namely the brain and spinal cord.

I have extensive experience providing Massage and Myofascial Release for people living with the effects of disability and neurological conditions.

A neurological condition is a problem associated with the central nervous system, namely the brain and spinal cord, which affects the body. Examples include spinal injury, MS, Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy.

I also work with people living with the effects of autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia; a condition characterised by widespread chronic pain which appears to result from dysregulation in the central nervous system.

The complexities of the central nervous system

Due to the complexities of the central nervous system, people with neurological problems can have a variety of problems.

These may be muscle stiffness or spasm (commonly called spasticity), weakness of muscle, tremor, problems with sensation etc.

A sensitive and holistic approach

By taking a sensitive approach to positioning during the treatment and other medical needs, I create a positive environment for my clients.

By taking a holistic approach to rehabilitation my clients are empowered to enhance their quality of life.

I am committed to providing high quality, individually tailored therapy that makes a positive difference.

My clients enjoy the benefits of Massage and Myofascial Release in the following ways; 

  • Ease the side effects of immobility such as stiff painful joints, chronic muscle tightness and poor posture
  • Increase blood flow to tissues enabling oxygen and nutrients to pass through more easily to tight or damaged tissue
  • Release tension from over used muscles
  • Release myofascial adhesions and soften scar tissue caused by surgery, injury or over use
  • Desensitise sensitive areas
  • Regulate the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote positive body awareness
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