Chronic Pain Coaching

Neuroscience explains how stress can fuel persistent pain. Once the pain cycle starts to repeat, the brain and central nervous system can become wired to make the body feel continuous pain, often in the complete absence of any structural or tissue damage.

This helpful visual shows the cycle of stress and pain.
Chronic Pain Coaching can help you break this cycle and achieve freedom from pain.

Stress Illness Recovery – The SIRPA Approach to Chronic Pain Relief in Dorset

“Fight or flight” is the normal human response to danger. The fight or flight response is activated by neural pathways in the brain and this causes real physical symptoms in the body; most of us have experienced a version of this when our faces turn red with embarrassment or when we feel a “knot” in our belly in a tense situation. This is all very normal; however, if our neural pathways keep sending danger signals, the fight or flight response fails to switch off and the physical symptoms can become very strong , sometimes causing severe pain and other disabling symptoms.

The SIRPA Approach to chronic pain; Chronic Pain Coaching, is a cutting edge approach to chronic pain, as well as other persistent symptoms, and is aimed at those for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer. The approach consists of education about how the fight or flight response works, identifying and changing behaviour that might unintentionally keep it turned on, and working through current, and sometimes past, challenges that keep triggering our danger signals. Once the danger signals are turned off, the fight or flight response will switch off, and pain will usually improve or will often resolve completely.

I can help you:

  • Understand the role the brain plays in chronic pain.
  • Discover how chronic pain is linked to our emotions; notably repressed/unresolved emotions and high or chronically high stress levels;
  • Learn ways to deal effectively with stressors and thereby remove the perceived danger. This will include mindfulness, somatics and breathing techniques which are proven to calm the nervous system.

If you think this approach may benefit you please contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation call.

“SIRPA’s approach involves an educational, evidence-based and self-empowering approach to help individuals identify and acknowledge the underlying causes of their chronic pain while also developing healthier neural pathways that allow a pain free, healthy life.”

If you are interested to know more, I recommend reading some of the following resources:

The  Information Leaflet on the SIRPA website explains how pain caused by tissue damage tends to be short term pain; whereas pain produced by the brain (conveyed via neural pathways between the brain and the body) can end up not switching off by itself. By retraining the brain and nervous system and creating the right conditions internally, pain can be resolved.

This infographic contains some interesting statistics with references on the problem of solely looking for structural causes for chronic pain:

Watch this entertaining Ted-X talk by Lorimer Mosely. ‘Why things hurt?

The book ‘Chronic Pain: your key to recovery’ was written by the Founder of SIRPA, Georgie Oldfield MCSP.

You can buy this using the affiliate link here or in any good book shop.

The book “The Pain Habit” was written by a SIRPA trained practitioner, Drew Coverdale.

You can buy this using the affiliate link here or in any good book shop.

The book “Healing Back Pain (Reissue Edition): The Mind-Body Connection” was written by Dr. John E. Sarno. The book describes his groundbreaking research on Mind / Body Syndrome and reveals how stress and other psychological factors can cause back pain

You can buy this using the affiliate link here or in any good book shop.

Neuro Health Coaching combines beautifully with Myofascial Release. I offer an integrative programme which incorporates hands on work and coaching sessions. The sessions are independent but there is one united goal; supplying your central nervous system with new information (awareness) that allows for change.

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